San Francisco Vikings Youth Soccer League
Field Diagrams:
Polo, Beach Chalet,
Minnie & Lovie Ward, Crocker Amazon

Rainy Day Field Status RAINOUTS & FIELD STATUS

Please use Vikings website as the source for closures/rainouts. Vikings has volunteers out at the fields, often by 5 AM, checking field conditions and the webpage is updated accordingly. There is a handy "Fields Status" link on our homepage or you can use this direct link.

Beach Chalet fields

Our U10/U11 games are on the center field, closer to the ocean. Our full field games are on the full field, field 3.

Definition of Penalty Box: For the field, there is only a goal box outlined.
The penalty box is imaginary, don't have goalies use their hands too far out.
Print this page to show the refs if necessary; however, the ref is the ultimate authority on the field.

Tips on finding the playing at Polo Fields:

If your designated playing is closed, as evident by the brown sign, go to #7.

The pitches on the Stable side are the odd number fields.

  • #1 is the most western field on the stable side, closest to the Ocean.
  • #2 is the most western field closer to Lincoln Blvd, closest to the Ocean.
  • #3 & 4 are the middle fields, #3 on the stable side, #4 closer to Lincoln Blvd.
  • #5 is just to the left as you exit the North Tunnel on the stable/grassy knowll, east end.
  • #6 is to the far right as you come through the South Tunnel, east end.
  • #7 is the field that goes from North to South on the most eastern end.

Polo Fields - Viking Soccer Pitch Layout

The pitches at
Crocker Amazon:

Please note the area for teams and coaches to occupy when not playing on the field.
Spectators must observe the game from the designated bleacher areas.

The pitches at
Minnie & Lovie Ward: